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Ketamine Infusion Associates is a medical practice and will only accept patients who have been referred by a physician or licensed clinician — such as a clinical psychologist, LCSW, or other licensed family therapist. We prefer that referring providers continue to manage their patients through our process.

Approved for use as an anesthetic in the 1960’s, Ketamine has garnered a new currency in the treatment of depression and related mood disorders such as post-traumatic stress in the United States in the last fifteen years. There are reportedly 16 million people under treatment for depression in the U.S. as the leading causes of disability. This statistic alone makes ketamine therapy an attractive treatment option.

Ketamine is delivered by infusion with and administered by an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist. Most patients are treated in a series of approximately two-hour sessions. Although there have been numerous studies on ketamine, its precise effect remains under scientific speculation. It is commonly believed ketamine affects NMDA receptors in the brain. By binding to these receptors, ketamine reportedly increases the release of a neurotransmitter called glutamate in the spaces between neurons. A release of glutamate activates connections in another receptor, called the AMPA receptor. Together, the initial blockade of NMDA receptors and activation of AMPA receptors lead to the release of other molecules that help neurons communicate with each other along new pathways. Known as synaptogenesis, this process likely affects mood, thought patterns, and cognition.

Despite psychotherapy and antidepressant drug regimens, all of us have anguished over patients who do not achieve full remission of their depressive ailment.

A growing body of evidence suggests ketamine treatment can offer additional therapeutic benefits in particularly difficult situations. With this in mind, we’d like to avail this resource to clinicians managing patients who have been resistant to more conventional treatment modalities.

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Although many studies have been conducted on ketamine for mood disorders, most have shown positive short-term effects.  None have conclusively demonstrated through a large-scale conclusive, double-blind study that ketamine treatments are universally effective for controlling depression.  It’s important to point out, no treatment regimen or medication for depression has yet to meet this standard.  Moreover, some stress disorders, such as post-traumatic stress can present a very grim prognosis and are vexingly difficult for even the best clinicians to manage. At best, the patient can function without being completely disabled.  At worse, they take their own life.

We are offering intravenous ketamine treatment for your clients with difficult-to-treat depression, suicidality, and PTSD diagnoses at our newly opened Ketamine Clinic on Treat Boulevard, serving the Walnut Creek/Concord/Pleasant Hill area.

Most patients receiving treatment for severe depressive mood disorders are being treated by a psychiatrist. Because ketamine requires a skilled anesthetist, its administration is beyond the competency of a psychiatrist. The ketamine clinic also is equipped with critical care resources that may be necessary to manage a patient under sedation, such as a crash cart and defibrillator and a skilled staff that can use them in an emergency.

Often the response to ketamine treatment begins relatively quickly within days to weeks. Almost universally, patients are prescribed a regimen of 5-6 treatments, a week or two apart. Please be mindful, we expect any patient referred for care to be managed by the referring provider, who must evaluate their patient after each treatment and determine the ketamine infusions have been shown to be beneficial.

This is a clinic formed by a group of psychiatrists that can hire an anesthetist to serve as an ancillary resource to a psychiatry practice. By retaining an interest in a clinic, individual psychiatrists are able to retain control over their patient and secure a secondary source of revenue from the treatment regimen. We hope you will find this additional treatment resource helpful in your practice.

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